Sunday, July 20, 2014

Saturday, July 12, 2014

First Birthday

Happy first birthday, Forrest! Of course it's really his second birthday, though the first one was his birthing day so I guess it doesn't count. We kept it low key so we didn't have to plan ahead and we did whatever we felt like. We took him to his first visit to the zoo, gave him his birthday watermelon, and went to the outdoor pool for the first time. I told him he could have as much watermelon as he wanted (it's his favorite, along with strawberries) and I was on the edge of my seat to find out how much that would be. Turned out it wasn't that much that he ate before he crawled away to do something else. Mystery solved, and first birthday complete!

1 Year Old!

We made it to one year! That makes us what percent done again? We all survived which I'd say is quite an accomplishment. Forrest is 24 pounds, he can walk now and he has started pointing and waving goodbye and clapping. He's even more stubborn about not eating what he doesn't want and about doing things himself like holding his cup and spoon, even though he's not very good at it yet. Welcome to toddlerhood Forrest!

Morning Jaunt

We took Lotus and Forrest out for some exercise this morning. Lotus ran farther but laid down to rest sooner.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Smoothie King

Smoothies are a hit with Forrest! Well, except when he catches onto the fact that I'm putting greens in them. And except when the bits get stuck in the sippy cup holes. But when the fruit runs freely, he's a fan.


Forrest's first trip to New York City consisted of a trip to Flushing. He visited his new friend Socorro and tasted all his dad's favorite foods. Although you may think the name of this vendor is Farm Style Deli, it is actually Harbin Foods! An exciting find for dad and Forrest's first chance to have the famous Harbin sausage.

Red Wheelbarrow

Forrest had fun with the red wheelbarrow at Grandma Char's house! It's kinda trippy when the wall suddenly becomes the floor. Who's doing that?!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Walking: The Next Step


Ah, the exhilaration of getting to where you were going! There's really nothing like it, especially when you get yourself there on your own two feet. Forrest is really making progress in his walking. It's still not very useful as a mode of transport but he's getting much better at balancing and steadying himself between steps. Pretty soon he'll be a bonafide biped!

Walking: An Early Attempt


One of Forrest's earlier attempts at walking. He can only take a few wobbly steps, but he's definitely doing it. Look ma, no hands!

Blueberries for Sal...


 ...and for Forrest too. Blueberries are one of the few things Forrest is reliably willing to eat (along with cucumbers and other berries). Not shown in this video is how he has started offering them to me too. So thoughtful!

Contain Yourself

This is an exciting time because Forrest is starting to be able to engage in activities that use his brain! Most of the time he'd rather crawl around and yell, but occasionally he will sit and think about things which is a nice change of pace. Usually what he thinks about is how to get certain smaller objects into larger containers. So I've once again raided the recycling bin to make him some little activities like this one. I hope he sustains the interest!

Electric Slide

Okay the slides around here aren't really electric. Unless you count static electricity which makes Forrest's hair stand up after a few slides, but which I haven't gotten a picture of. He sure loves a good slide though and is just about stable enough to go down by himself, though he topples over less when he goes down on his back. He also loves to crawl back up the slide but usually there's another kid coming down so he hasn't had a lot of chance to perfect his technique.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Pick Your Own

It didn't take long for Forrest to figure out how to pick the strawberries himself. But I'm not sure he would have made a good field hand since every one he picked went straight down the hatch.


We are finally biking! Oh the places we'll go...

Strawberry Fields!

Strawberries are probably Forrest's favorite food. He can down a monstrous berry like nobody's business. So we figured we had to take him to the strawberry festival at Verrill farm in Concord.

He lounged in the sun and stuffed his face with berries all afternoon. He probably even got a few strawberry leaves in there while we weren't looking, that's how much he loves strawberries.


What can I do you for? Milk straight up? Or water on the rocks?

Here I Am!

Cute shot of Forrest getting excited about a jungle gym. It's a fun age now that even with big kid toys and playgrounds, there is something he can do that's fun. He'll use each thing differently as he gets bigger but for now even just grabbing and cruising on new things is pretty fun!

A New Way to Walk


Forrest is close to walking but definitely can't balance yet. Usually his giant head gets ahead of his feet and considering the weight of his noggin there's no recovering from it. Holding on to the moving hula hoop was the perfect solution!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

11 Months Old!

Now that Forrest is 11 months, I feel he is looking more toddlerish and much less babyish. He crawls fast and he's discovered that he can even crawl while he's holding things, which can result in very fuzzy apple slices, or a peg leg sound effect, depending on what he's holding. He can stand without holding onto things for a good 10 seconds until he remembers he's not holding onto anything. And if you set him up just right he can take a few steps before falling into our arms, though his big head always gets ahead of his feet. So he'll most likely be walking any day now! He's getting more willful but also more interesting all the time - a constant reminder that he really is a little human even though sometimes he feels like a little monster.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

95 Years Old!

Forrest visiting Great Grandma Gusta for her 95th birthday. He didn't really want to sit still for the picture but great grandma got to see him in his element on the playground, and daddy even snuck him a taste of chocolate cake.