Sunday, April 17, 2016

Mona Forrest

Forrest showing off his art work at preschool's gallery night! And practicing his mysterious smile.

Banjo Obsession

Forrest's latest obsession is the banjo! He's added this to his musical repertoire in addition to the ukulele. He's becoming quite the expert when it comes to string instruments.

Puddle Jumping

On a recent visit to New Hampshire as the snow was melting. Thank goodness for a good pair of rain boots!

Monkey on my Front

Forrest was never really into stuffed animals until now. Monkey is a very important character in our lives these days. He goes lots of places with us and Forrest takes very good care of him (or her).

Saturday, February 27, 2016


Forrest is totally into his magnatiles these days. Most of the time he makes cubes and pyramids and shows them off, each accomplishment as exciting as the first time he made one. And sometimes he builds very tall buildings like this one! With the main purpose of knocking them down of course!


Forrest has been making some cute discoveries recently (unrelated to this photo). As people say, it is an amazing age because he notices all these things and can actually talk about them!

We were at a friend's house where there's a grey cat with white feet. Forrest was watching it and he said, mommy is the cat wearing socks? Little did he know the cat's name is Boots but no one had told him that he saw the socks all on his own.

Another major discovery has been his own shadow! He figured out it was moving when he moved and he had some fun making it do silly things.

Cold Flavor

After a doctors appointment Forrest got to have ice cream! When daddy asked him later what flavor it was he said cold flavor.

Little Farmer

Forrest dressed like a farmer to be ready for the animals to visit his school! He even got to hold a blanket wrapped bunny.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Medical Profession

Forrest completely despises going to the doctor and dentist. If he even hears the word doctor in someone's conversation he starts to protest. And he predictably screamed through his first dentist appointment this month. (Conveniently that is actually not a bad way to get a look at his teeth.) Fascinatingly, he does like to play doctor and has been practicing checking Little Monkey's teeth. Which I guess must be his way of processing it all - very smart!

Winter at the Playground

It's been unseasonably warm so we've still had chances to hang out on the playground as usual!

Let it Snow!

We haven't had that much snow this winter (knock on wood) but we have gotten out in it a little. Forrest is obsessed with eating snow. Not the ideal activity for a semi potty trained little guy in many layers of pants. He has had fun sledding. And he even got to try some skiing!

A Good Book and a Cup of Tea

We're happy to report that Forrest now has a couple of activities he enjoys that involve sitting down! He's more and more into reading books, especially ones about Thomas. And he loves a good cup of tea. That's citrus tea that he mostly just stirs and sips with a tiny spoon. Of course he doesn't sit and do these for long but it's nice while it lasts!

Making Things!

Forrest loves projects, or proyectos as he prefers to say. At Christmas he helped grandma make scones. He made a bug card for cousin Pepa. And he paints with watercolors mostly by pouring black water on the paper.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Big News

Forrest's big announcement (for those that can't read it, since I didn't get a picture of the back) is that he's going to be a big brother. Entering the next level of craziness for all of us.

Train Show

It's train show season and the boys have been going to see model trains every weekend! So nice that they have a common interest.


Just chilling on my throne while I get chauffeured around town.

Raking and Scrubbing

Putting him to work, as usual!


This year's Halloween costume, inspired by real life (unfortunate) events.


Bringing the music everywhere he goes!

Friday, October 23, 2015

Waiting for Daddy

One of the rare moments when these two aren't in each other's way.

Trolley Time

Forrest's first visit to the trolley museum was with Aunt Mabel. He doesn't look too thrilled here but he talked about trolleys for weeks afterwards!

Turtle Rodeo

Slow and steady. Very much both of those given that it's a cement turtle.

Future Programmer

No time like the present to learn to touch type!

Me and the Guys

Picture time with his buddies, hanging out on a bench. 

Apple Picking

The apples were the least interesting thing on the farm. How can fruit compete with tractors and goats?

Cat Sitting

Forrest had his first cat sitting job and I think he liked it!

Saturday, September 12, 2015

New Cyclist

Forrest got his first bike! A balance bike of course. He took it for a slow ride to the park and back for its maiden voyage. He also did some work on it, you know, whatever you do with a wrench. I hope by the time he's biking to school by himself all the streets of Cambridge will have dedicated bike lanes!

Friday, September 11, 2015


Forrest and I went to see two small strandbeests! These are wind powered creatures that walk along beaches on their own and they happened to make a visit to MIT. Forrest was excited when one walked up to look at us!

New Daycare

Forrest started a new daycare/preschool this week. Here he is on his first day at pickup time - he didn't look anything like this at drop off. He has two lovely teachers and they do all kinds of activities!

Up a Creek...

Forrest became obsessed with boating on this trip to New Hampshire, specifically with a certain kayak paddle. Which meant anytime he was in the boat, we couldn't really go anywhere (until we found another paddle). Lotus was not so enthusiastic about the boating but she preferred that to being left behind on shore.

Hiking Trip

Nothing like hiking with your buddy. Especially when your personal chauffeur does all the work!