Thursday, October 06, 2016

A Day in the Life

Relaxing on the grass, sucking his thumb, and snoozing on a whim. Life is good for a baby!

Banjo Man

Forrest finally got his chance to play his favorite instrument, the banjo! Thanks to Uncle John for sharing and playing. 

Getting Ready for Halloween

Forrest's new favorite activity is making faces. He's gradually expanding his repertoire, just in time to scare people on Halloween.

Old-fashioned Onesie

Above: River's great grandma as a baby in 1919.

Below: River wearing the same outfit in 2016.

Apparently in those days girls and boys both wore these dresses until they could walk.

2 Months

River is almost off the charts at 15 pounds and 25 inches. We don't know how he's growing so big! He smiles a lot, especially when Forrest plays with him, by which I mean jumps on him and smothers him. Good thing he's so sturdy to survive this brotherly love!

Saturday, September 10, 2016


River has been really smiling from pretty early on and as the weeks go by it's getting easier and easier to make him smile! His brother is particularly good at some of his own smile-eliciting techniques.

Brotherly Love

We're lucky that Forrest loves his brother, but like many siblings the challenge is keeping him from loving him so hard that he breaks something. So far everyone is still intact.

How to Breastfeed Your Bunny

This is probably one that will embarass Forrest later on but it's too cute not to post. When your bunny's hungry, you just have to feed him. It's only natural!

Across the Pond

Our first weekend trip with two kids was to New Hampshire. We made it through the drive so River could eat and sleep in the fresh air for a change, and Forrest spent his days catching salamanders and avoiding leeches in the pond. 

Monkey Bars

Forrest's latest favorite is the monkey bars! Luckily he has a strong spotter to help him out. 

All in the Family

The boys have enjoyed visits from a few family members who have been extremely helpful!

River's first bottle was a success.

Young or old, everybody naps. But not so much for those of us in between.

River is 1 month!

As expected, River's first month on the outside went by agonizingly slowly but also in the blink of an eye. Forrest loves his brother but is having a hard time in all other areas of his life. Being 3 and having your life change is not easy. River is now 13 pounds 5 ounces, and he can already smile, especially when his big brother plays with him.

Inside and Outside

Photos about a week apart. Before and after!

River is here!

Poor second child, doesn't get talked about and we won't remember any of his important milestones. So this post is a month late but still worth making a few notes. River was born on July 22nd and he was 8.5 pounds. Lots of peeling skin and very healthy.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

3 Years Old!

Forrest is three! Now it's time to train him to stop saying he's "almost three" when people ask. For the past month or two when asked what he wants for his birthday, he always says candles. Lucky for me, that's a pretty feasible request to grant even for a very pregnant woman. So, candles it was! Birthday scones, birthday mac and cheese, birthday watermelon, birthday pizza, and of course birthday cake. And an extra reason for Forrest to celebrate is that he won't have to share his birthday with his little sibling!

Saturday, June 11, 2016

The Two of Us

Or maybe three. A rare moment when there was someone else around to take pictures of me and Forrest!


Camping with Daddy! Nothing like sleeping in a tent and getting lots of bug bites!

More Bubbles

What luck to run into some expert bubble blowers in the park. Good thing Forrest had his helmet on to protect his head from any rogue bubbles. 

Dinner Date

Breaking bread with a buddy. And Mrs. Potts. The actual sitting at the table didn't last long of course. 

Downward Dog

After a series of toddler yoga classes, Forrest is getting the hang of down dog!


Trying things out at the bubble festival. Giant bubbles are not as easy as they look!

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Mona Forrest

Forrest showing off his art work at preschool's gallery night! And practicing his mysterious smile.

Banjo Obsession

Forrest's latest obsession is the banjo! He's added this to his musical repertoire in addition to the ukulele. He's becoming quite the expert when it comes to string instruments.

Puddle Jumping

On a recent visit to New Hampshire as the snow was melting. Thank goodness for a good pair of rain boots!

Monkey on my Front

Forrest was never really into stuffed animals until now. Monkey is a very important character in our lives these days. He goes lots of places with us and Forrest takes very good care of him (or her).

Saturday, February 27, 2016


Forrest is totally into his magnatiles these days. Most of the time he makes cubes and pyramids and shows them off, each accomplishment as exciting as the first time he made one. And sometimes he builds very tall buildings like this one! With the main purpose of knocking them down of course!


Forrest has been making some cute discoveries recently (unrelated to this photo). As people say, it is an amazing age because he notices all these things and can actually talk about them!

We were at a friend's house where there's a grey cat with white feet. Forrest was watching it and he said, mommy is the cat wearing socks? Little did he know the cat's name is Boots but no one had told him that he saw the socks all on his own.

Another major discovery has been his own shadow! He figured out it was moving when he moved and he had some fun making it do silly things.

Cold Flavor

After a doctors appointment Forrest got to have ice cream! When daddy asked him later what flavor it was he said cold flavor.

Little Farmer

Forrest dressed like a farmer to be ready for the animals to visit his school! He even got to hold a blanket wrapped bunny.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Medical Profession

Forrest completely despises going to the doctor and dentist. If he even hears the word doctor in someone's conversation he starts to protest. And he predictably screamed through his first dentist appointment this month. (Conveniently that is actually not a bad way to get a look at his teeth.) Fascinatingly, he does like to play doctor and has been practicing checking Little Monkey's teeth. Which I guess must be his way of processing it all - very smart!