Sunday, February 17, 2013

Catch Up

Since I'm just starting to post and I'm 20 weeks, I better do a catch-up of all the milestones so far. I doubt I'll remember when things happened later on so I want to have it all recorded.
  • 4 weeks: got a positive pregnancy test, yay!
  • 6 weeks: started feeling like crap - tired and nauseous all the time, though I only actually threw up 4 times.
  • 8 weeks: first ultrasound - looks like a blob but they say it's a baby!
  • 9 weeks: discovered my genetic mutation (familial dysautonomia) - good thing LZ is not Jewish too.
  • 12 weeks: stopped feeling like total crap, upgraded to mediocre!
  • 13 weeks: first trimester screening, with a much cooler ultrasound including open-skull attack baby picture.
  • 17 weeks: AFP screening came back positive but ultrasound reveals a healthy spine and a baby boy!
  • 18 weeks: made the switch to maternity pants.
  • 19 weeks: wasn't sure at first but I started to feel the baby moving!
  • 20 weeks: I might actually look pregnant now, depending on what I'm wearing and who's looking.

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