Sunday, September 15, 2013

2 Months Old!

Forrest is 2 months and weighs 13.5 pounds. No wonder it's getting harder to carry him around. It's true what they say about newborn time - the days are long but the months are short. He's started smiling a lot more and even gives daddy a laugh every now and then. And it's feeling less like he cries all the time because he now has slightly longer stretches where he can be awake and content, and during those times we can see he is really looking around at stuff. He still sleeps like a baby, in the literal sense of the phrase, as in not very much in a row, but he is also as cute as a button - both figuratively and literally, since buttons are in fact super cute.


Jinyang said...

So cute!!! Wanna say "hi" in person!!

Sarah said...

He is GIANT. I can't WAIT to see him. (And you.)