Saturday, February 15, 2014

7 Months Old!

At 7 months, Forrest is really becoming a "big baby," almost more like a kid except one that can't walk or talk or do much of anything that kids do. He can definitely sit up, though only for about 15 seconds before he's bound to topple. He's got rolling down pat and can maneuver himself in any direction, though not very purposefully. He's also growing teeth! He has one definitely peeking out and another just starting to poke through. He's still 19 pounds, so he seems to be lengthening out but not packing on the pounds as fast. Also this month he had his first real fever but he was a trooper and recovered pretty quick. He has chosen a favorite color - red - though results are inconclusive as to whether all babies' favorite colors are red. Stay tuned next month when he'll probably be walking and applying to college!

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