Thursday, May 15, 2014

10 Months Old!

At this point, Forrest is officially out of control. He still gets around mostly by army crawl but he can get anywhere fast. He pulls up on everything and cruises around, and anything that isn't screwed into the walls he pulls down on top of his head. The frustrating part is that he doesn't seem to learn that if he grabs things they will fall on him. Babies!! To top it all off, this week he discovered climbing. Yep, it's all over now. He has informed us recently that changing his diaper and getting dressed are forms of torture. However, he also finds way more things hilarious, even things he's been unimpressed by up to now, and it's a whole new world of playground-going now that it's warm and he can actually do things there. So to summarize, the adventures continue!

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