Saturday, July 20, 2013

1 Week Old!

Forrest's 1 week photo! I'm going to try and be consistent with taking regular photos with the alligator to document how he grows. We'll see if I can stick to it!

The first week has gone by so quickly, it's true they grow up so fast! I can't believe he'll never be 2 days old again. Friday through Monday we spent in the hospital, getting help from nurses, lactation consultants, and midwives who checked me and the baby every single day. Coming home on Tuesday things got a little harder - adjusting my position in bed was much more difficult without the motorized bed. But things went pretty smoothly thanks to LZ's hard work around the house and his new Happiest Baby on the Block swaddling skills, and thanks to mom's help walking Lotus, running errands, and patience taking Forrest even at his fussiest.

Just like people say, I could watch my baby sleep all day. Probably the best part of this whole baby deal so far is the skin to skin time in bed after a feeding, just cuddling and watching him make his funny little faces and wave his arms around randomly. The hardest part, aside from lack of sleep, has been recovering from the c-section including the physical pain and limitations, plus the emotional toll of coming to terms with how the birth went and what I feel I missed out on.

So that was the first week! I'm sure Forrest has all kinds of adventures in store for us in the coming weeks and months, and we're on the rollercoaster now, so there's no going back!

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