Thursday, July 04, 2013

40 Weeks

Yesterday was the baby's due date, so I suppose technically that means I'm overdue. It's a pretty weird feeling just waiting around to see when he will decide it's time to be born. Not much to do but just relax and try not to be anxious (easier said than done for LZ). I decided to start my maternity vacation this week and I'm glad I did because it was getting really tiring focusing on work and worrying about it every day. Despite the 90 degree heat it has been nice to just walk Lotus, read, and finally do some craft projects now that I have time (see the new "nursery decor"?). It's amazing how the days go by without getting a lot done, and even more amazing that that's okay because the goal is just to relax and rest up!
I have to say the worst thing about being anywhere near the due date, but especially being past it, is everyone asking me if baby's here yet or if I have any special feelings. He's not, and I don't. I know it's nice that people care and are checking in, but I'm hot and crabby and I think this is a major annoyance for all pregnant women, not just me. Trust me, I'm wondering when he's going to come too and if I had any more info, I'd be letting you know! At least I can tell you one thing though - he's not going to be a 4th of July baby, sorry to disappoint!

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Nabia said...

Great crafting projects! I'm looking forward to seeing more tie die pants too. Love you!