Monday, August 12, 2013

1 Month Old!

Forrest on the alligator at 1 month (compare to 1 week). He's definitely growing - 11 lb. 5 oz. now - you can't see his ribs anymore and every day there's more lint to be found in his fat rolls! This has probably been both the fastest and slowest month of my life. I can't believe it's already been a month since he was born, and yet the days seem to crawl by when he's crying and I'm so tired. At the same time I want him to stay this little but also want to fast forward to when he's bigger and can do more stuff. Everyone tells you it's both exhausting and amazing having a baby, but you can't really know what it's like or understand the feeling until you experience it. So, now I know what the first month is like - we'll see what the second one brings.


Sarah said...

I can't believe how much bigger he is!

Sarah said...
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