Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Yeye Nainai

Forrest's other set of grandparents arrived a few weeks ago to take care of him when I went back to work. They've had a very hard time accepting the fact that sometimes (more often than we'd like) babies cry for no discernible reason. In fact they insist that Li Zhuang never cried as a baby. A likely story! But, I've been impressed at how well they adjusted and how independent they can be, getting to know the neighborhood and grocery stores on their own. While living with them can be pretty annoying at times, they are also a huge help!

Nainai sings Xiao Yanzi, a Chinese song from her childhood, to Forrest to put him to sleep for naps. It seems to work! Except when it doesn't.

Yeye jumps right in and tries out the crazy contraptions we have in our arsenal  in the hopes of stopping the baby from crying. He's a brave grandpa!

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Suzanne said...

Love seeing photos of your parents-in-law! What a gift to have the help, and I'm sure Forrest's crying will get better AND they'll get more comfortable with it. The photo of your balance ball reminds me to get mine from our boxes for middle-of-the-night calming of our reflux-y Cora!